About JazzErie


JazzErie is driven by a wide range of volunteers. Below are our current officers, board members, committee chairs and active volunteers.

We were guided by world-renowned luminaries of the jazz world when we began, listed in our original Advisory Board. We'd like to thank each of them for their generosity.


Allen Zurcher President
  Vice President, Performance
Rich Giardina Treasurer
Chuck Joy Secretary, Nrewletter
Board Members      
Ed Goebel Development Chair
Rob Hoff Performance
Al Lubiejewski Publicity
Mary Watson Jazz Walk
Patricia Tellers Membership Chair
Charles Lute Education Co-Chair
John Marszalek Education Co-Chair
Mary Jane Hand Publicity Chair
Jamie Grady Publicity
Patricia Tellers Membership Chair
Scott Tomlison  
Dick Thompson Newsletter/Website Editor
Steve Trohoske Performance Chair
2013-2014 VOLUNTEERS
Frank Singer Website
David VanAmburg Website
Patrick Hiller Website
Tony Stefanelli Performance
Ken Gamble Performance
Charles Ventrello JazzErie Discussion Group Facilitator
Polly Dedad Membership
Liz Scarpelli Membership
Tony Stefanelli Performance
David VanAmburg (1994-1995)
Atty. Al Lubiejewski (1995-1997)
Virginia M. Pelkowski (1997-1999)
R. Patrick Rodgers (1999-2002)
Steve Eidell (2002-2003)
Tom McLaren (2003-2005)
Carl Hultman 2005-2008)
Ed Goebel (2008-2010)
Dick Thompson (2010-2011)
Ron Carter NY
Clement DeRosa NJ
Milt Hinton NY
Jeff Jarvis NY
Bruce Johnstone NY
Robin Johnstone NY
Marian McPartland NY
Don Menza CA
Bud Pacy PA
John Richmond OH
Basil Ronzitti PA
Clark Terry NY
Charles Ventrello PA
Elizabeth Williams PA
Honorary Members:
Linda Bebko-Jones PA State Representative
Phil English U.S. Congressman
F. Brady Louis WQLN
Judy Lynch Erie County Executive
Jim Merry PA State Representative
Joyce A. Savocchio Mayor, City of Erie
Tom Scrimenti PA State Representative
Peter Traphagen Erie Businessman


March 3, 2013