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2014-15 Season begins Sept. 5

Joe Dorris & Frank SingerThe Anchor In, 3122 W. Lake Rd., has resumed its presentation of live music for 2014-15.  Friday evenings feature jazz from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m., with guitarist Frank Singer serving as the house band, paired with a variety of high-profile guests.  Saturday evenings feature area pop and blues stars, also from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.  Club owner Ryan Newara wants you to have a great experience every time you come!

Drinks and dinner service, NO COVER.  Free parking behind to club.  Check our EVENTS CALENDER for more detailed descriptions .of events and artists.

Jeff GibbensFri., Oct. 3   Frank Singer with trumpeter Jeff Gibbens.  One of Erie’s premier trumpet players, Gibbens is currently manager for the Misery Bay Big Band, brass instructor for the award-winning Erie Thunderbirds Drum & Bugle Corps, and a frequent soloist in big bands in the Youngstown, Jamestown, Madison region.  Jeff has appeared through the eastern U.S. and Canada as a sideman with performers including The Temptations, Bobby Vinton, Manhatten Transfer, the Les Elgart Orchestra, and many more, in addition to local gigs as a leader and sideman.

Jim MaddenFri., Oct. 10  Frank Singer with pianist Jim Madden.  Madden is one of Erie’s unique talents – a jazz pianist with his own style, constantly raising his own standards of excellence and reflecting a broad range of musical interests, which include both jazz and classical performance.  A careful teacher as well as performer, Jim plays in both large and small ensembles, such as the duo on the date with Frank.

The Four Grads

Sat., Oct. 11  The Four Grads: Stan Bialomizy, Carl Hultman, Barb Schwartz, Bob Seaman.  The Four Grads carry on the instrumental/vocal traditions of the Four Freshmen, adding their own commitment to a wide range of genres, from jazz to swing to bluegrass.  Guitarist/vocalist Hultman has led and performed as a sideman in many local jazz, swing and country bands.  Saxophonist/vocalist Bialomizy established his career as an educator and performer in New York before returning to Erie.  His credits include both the Dorsey and Bennie Goodman legacy bands.  Schwartz, a percussion & banjo playing, pure-voiced vocalist, and Seaman, a solid bassist with strong vocal chops, round out the group.

Fri., Oct. 17  JD Jazz.  Drummer/vocalist/harmonica player Joe Dorris and guitarist/vocalist Frank Singer are at home at the Anchor In.  With the support of club owner Ryan Newara, they are responsible for the weekly jazz & blues agenda at the club, for which we’re all grateful.  They bring their unique conception and jazz chops to the Anchor In stage each month.  JD Jazz has now released three CD’s, more on the way.

2Blue -- Dave VanAmburg & Michael Camp
Sat., Oct. 18  2Blue: Michael Camp & Dave VanAmburg.  A newcomer, or perhaps more accurately a returnee, to the Erie music scene, Dave Van Amburg brings his guitar and vocals and his friend, fellow guitarist/vocalist Michael Camp, to the Anchor In.  Billed as 2Blue, the pair will perform a mix of jazz/blues/pop numbers.  Camp has played music in a variety of genres – folk to disco to soul & rock – and now joins Van Amburg, who returns to music from a 40-year haitus while he started a business (and also started JazzErie), raised a family, earned a living.  Welcome these returnees!

Stan BialomizyFri., Oct. 24  Frank Singer with saxophonist Stan Bialomizy.  Stan Bialomizy is one of Erie’s great saxophonists.  With a Master’s Degree in Music Ed from Columbia, Stan was a leader in New York education circles, teaching at both secondary and college levels, before his retirement to Erie with wife Betty.  While teaching, Stan retained an active career as a performer and composer.  In addition to local gigs, including with The Four Grads, Stan is currently performing with the NYC-based American Jazz Repertory Jazz Orchestra.

Steve TrohoskeFri., Oct. 31  Frank Singer with bassist Steve Trohoske. Electric bassist Steve Trohoske is one of Erie’s strongest advocates and sparkplugs for jazz, funk, groove, hard bop, avant, jazz/rock, Latin, …you name it, music. And his knowledge and chops are solid across the range.  He has brought a number of regional and national stars to Erie to join him in performance, including bassist Dwayne Dolphin, drummer G. Calvin Weston, guitarist David Fiuczynski, saxophonist Robbie Edwards, singer/pianist Cheryl Hodge, and many others.  Steve currently serves as Performance Chair for JazzErie.

Roby Fri., Nov. 7   Frank Singer with Roby "Supersax" Edwards.  A frequent visitor from Pittsburgh, Edwards brings an aggressive swing and maximum presence to his performances here, which in the past year have included appearances at the Erie Art Museum Blues & Jazz Fest, an Erie Day School fundraiser, and other events. He has performed in 12 countries and recorded as a leader, his most recent CD being “Copacetic,” on the Black & Blue label. 





August 25, 2014