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What's New January 1, 2012
Video Interviews, Reviews, and More

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Wow! Each month we add more cxontent for your reading and viewing pleasure. This month we've added the JazzErie Donation system, expanded out video interviews, and more.

Happy New Year

We start the year off with a special wish to everyone in JazzErie. Enjoy the Great Bell Chant video, and have an amazing year.

Jeff Gault treats us with this week's Fun Notice.

Where Are They Now? JazzErie Scholarship Recipients

Did you notice that we began a new series of articles in December? Over the years, JazzErie and our community have contributed to numerous young musicians' futures through our modest scholarship. We're looking them up, one at a time, to see what kind of music they are sharing with the world now.

We began the series with Harry Jacobson's student, Tony Alford, who was our first scholarship recipient. Tony now resides and performs in Florida. If you missed, read the article, Tony Alford Still Loves the Bass.

This month we caught up with guitaris and vocalist, Paul Holmes, currently living in Brooklyn. Paul has achieved quite a bit of success already in his career, and we're proud to know him. See what he's been doing in Paul Holmes: Creating New Musical Spaces.


Helping To  Create the Next Great Jazz Musician

We started giving an annual scholarship in 1995, and are proud that we can continue to do so. JazzErie Scholarship Returns! Which Area Youth Do You Want To Nominate?

Here's the application form. Thanks to Chuck Lute and his entire committee for making it happen again.


Great People Come, and Unfortunately Great People Go

Clem DeRosa was our first national advisor. He helped thousands of jazz musicians and millions of jazz lovers. Jazz Pioneer Clem DeRosa Passes On: JazzErie's First Advisor Leaves His Amazing Legacy

Michael Leal has meant a lot to our community. We're going to lose a great board member and contributor to the area. Michael Leal Leaves Erie Jazz Radio: JazzFM 88.5 Station Manager Heads East.

We hope he doesn't leave the community, but he is leaving Mercyhurst. Michael Fuhrman Departs the D'Angelo Performing Arts Center, Leaving 16 Years of Glorious Memories


Our Scholarship Recipients Hard At Work

Paul Holmes keeps stretching his musical wings. Paul Holmes: Creating New Musical SpacesL JazzErie Scholarship recipient pursues career in Brooklyn.


JazzErie's Characters Express Themselves

Enjoy yourself, learn about and from our jazz experts.

Video Interview: Exploring Gary Finney's Love of Jazz

Video Interview: Rob Hoff Influences the World Through Music

Review By Rob Hoff: Where the Dark and the Light Folks Meet: Race and the Mythology, Politics, and Business of Jazz, Where the Dark and the Light Folks Meet

JazzErie Grows

Special Supporters Make JazzErie Special

JazzErie Donations System Is Now Online

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Video Interview: Ed Goebel On Jazz and JazzErie's Roots


Talking About Jazz

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