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What's New July 4, 2011

Well, this week we accomplished a whole lot more on the website. And we have a few questions for you.

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On The Air Now > Radio Playlists

  • Want to know what jazz is playing, 24/7? Just click on On The Air Now in the navigation bar, and see the entire day's schedule for that day of the week from WMCE and WQLN. All jazz programs are linked to program descriptions and DJ info. And where available, you can click right through to the playlists.

    Now if we could just get the RIAA and their buddies at ASCAP and BMI to allow the radio stations to archive their programs and let us stream them. Remember when Stan Bialomizy did his great show on WQLN? Or some of Joe Di Georgio's wonderful work? I'd love to have access to them.

Streaming Live Radio On Your Computer

  • Both local jazz stations, like most radio broadcasters and Internet stations, enable live streaming from their sites. We give you direct access from our daily program guides.




WMCE Jazz FM 88.5


WQLN FM 91.3



TuneInBut if you have problems using the provided audio players, try listening at TuneIn. They give you direct, free access to almost every broadcast AM and FM station in the country.


Streaming Live Radio On Your Mobile Devices

  • MOBILE: Do you have a smart phone? You can take your favorite station with you. There are many apps available. My favorite for listening to broadcast stations on our phones is TuneIn's mobile platform, available for iPhone / iPod / iPad, Android, Blackberry, Palm, Samsung Bada, Windows Phone.

    I canceled my Sirius/XM subscriptions a few years ago because I use the TuneIn app on my Android phone. I connect from the phone's headphone jack to the plug on the faceplate of my car stereo, and can listen to WMCE as I drive almost anywhere in the country.



Do you have info we should be sharing relating to broadcast jazz, streaming or mobile? Email it to the JazzErie.com editors.



Did you know there are over 130 website that claim to have events calendars for Erie County, plus many more in the region?

Even if you could find them all, it would take you over 40 hours to enter one event on all of them, as they all operate differently. We hate information islands. So we're doing something about it.



We've programmed and built an amazing, free, events calendar for the region, EnjoyErie.com, that is drawing thousands of viewers every week. Hundreds of organizations and businesses are promoting their events on EnjoyErie now.

You can read all about it at the News & Updates page, and easily learn how to promote your other businesses and organizations, and promote your events in the EnjoyErie User's Guide. Events Calendar

JazzErie created a profile page on EnjoyErie, and soon we'll have all of JazzErie's events automatically placed in the EnjoyErie calendar.

Upcoming EventsJazzErie Events Calendar

We've added a version of the EnjoyErie calendar system to the new JazzErie.com site, and we've adding all the jazz and related music events we know of through December.

So when it's time to plan your week or advise your friends and family on when to visit, simply visit the JazzErie calendar. You can find all events in the coming 14 days on the home page.





Are you performing or holding an event you want to share with JazzErie's loyal members and friends? Send it to the JazzErie calendar editors today! .

Better yet. Do you want to add your events directly and help curate the region's best source for live jazz events? Send us a note.



We created a Picasa account for JazzErie, and uploaded the first 150+ photos in two sections (Performances & Members), along with a few of the many great JazzErie event poster designs.

Now you as JazzErie members can upload and share your photos from regional events with everyone. And if you didn't make it to  particular event, you can at least see what you missed.



You already come to JazzErie's events and other great events around the region. Do you want to be able to upload photos to the JazzErie site from your computer or your smart phone?

Send us your questions. We'll share them with everyone and answer online, as well as by email.



JazzErie NOTES NEWSLETTERJazzErie Notes December 2010

JazzErie volunteers have invested thousands of hours since 1995 in creating and publishing a newsletter which was mailed monthly to paid members, and now will be mailed quarterly. We collected all of the available past issues, and have given you direct access to them.

There are many more back issues which need to be scanned and added to the online collection. And the contents of the entire collection need to be retrieved from the PDF format, and archived in searchable articles. Perhaps some JazzErie volunteer will untertake this task soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the wide span of performers and information brought to you by JazzErie over the past 5 years, from 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.



Would you like to write aritcles for the JazzErie News? Do oyu have information to be included in the print newsletter? Do you want to volunteer to continue the archiving process?

Please email Tom McLaren editor of the JazzErie Notes.



David VanAmburg

July 4, 2011