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What's New June 23, 2011

Wow! There's so much to share, and so much more on its way.

JazzErie.com got its new facelift today, and that's just the beginning.


When we started JazzErie 17 years ago, our goal was simple.

We vowed to to create a community of musicians and music lovers, and to support our professional musicians and other creative artists by promoting live and broadcast jazz.


And look at what has happened.

  • Thousands of people enjoy the annual Jazz and Blues Walk the second Saturday of every July in downtown Erie. COMING IN TWO WEEKS - GET YOUR BUTTONS TODAY WHILE THEY LAST.
  • Tens of thousands come for the first full weekend of August to Frontier Park for the Erie Art Museum's Jazz & Blues Festival. JazzErie is proud to support and help fund our favorite event of so many that our parent organization puts on. We'll have this year's details as soon as they are finalized. In the meantime, don't let any one fill your calendar on August 6 or 7.
  • It's a joy to pull up to a stoplight and hear the beautiful strains of jazz emanating from the car next to us. WQLN continues to provide hours of live jazz programs every week, often hosted by JazzErie leaders. And WMCE now broadcasts nothing but the best jazz 24/7. And broadcasting right along with the likes of Tony Mowod is our own Bob Protzman. We'll tell you more about each of these stations and their DJs soon.
  • JazzErie has sponsored over 150 major concerts, many featuring the best musicians in North America, and supported thousands more.
  • We've given out scholarships to college students committed to learning the art and craft of jazz, supported area high school jazz bands, some of whom have traveled the world.
  • And so much more. We think that noted drummer Floyd Williams, one of the founders of JazzErie would be proud.


We're dedicated to you

Whether you are a student or an elder, a musician or a lover of music, a resident of Erie County, a visitor, a business owner, or an expatriate, we're happy to share jazz with you, to add to your enjoyment, and to welcome you to JazzErie.

We want you to bring your children, your girlfriend, or your whole family to our events. And we want you to join JazzErie, because we can't do it without you.


What's here already?

Live Music

  • With the annual Jazz and Blues Walk only days away, we needed to tell you about it, and let you get your buttons while they last. So we've entered the 21st Century and you can get your buttons here!
  • But there's so much live music this summer, and it's hard to find out about it before you see all the folks who enjoyed an event on the evening news, and it's too late to go. So we've partnered with EnjoyErie.com and are building you the greatest jazz events calendar you could want. First we'll collect and display it here, then we'll send it to you monthly, along with special email notices.

Access the World

  • We've started with the jazz video of the week. You'll find lots of new content every Monday, so keep checking back. Watch for videos, audio and interviews with musicians from throughout the area and the country.

Jazz News

  • We've researched the best jazz information across the web, and have begun to feed headlines to you, including jazz News from the region and around the world, from traditional to Latin to smooth jazz; jazz Performances and education; and jazz releases and reviews. Come back whenever you want and explore the ever changing jazz scene.

Jazz Birthdays

  • Every day, we explore and discover more about our favorite music. And what better way than to celebrate the birthdays of jazz musicians, famous and obscure. Come back daily and click through to learn more about your favorite musicians and those you are just meeting.


  • Naturally we want to tell you about us and invite you to join us - at concerts and clubs, in discussion and friendship. We want you to know we offer education in the schools and speakers for your Rotary. And we want you to invest 6 cents a day and become a member. Help us double our membership. Think how much more fun we can all have.


Coming Next

There's a long, long list coming quickly to you.

On The Air

  • Want to know what jazz is streaming your way across the airwaves and the Internet every day? We're going to tell you all about it, and connect you to listen live.

In Your Pocket

  • We're going to make it so much easier for your to join, track and renew your membership,
  • You'll be able to reserve and pay for your tickets and seats for upcoming jazz events.

In Your Inbox

  • We're going to simplify your life, and bring you more beautiful music. And we hope you will be able to join us for even more live jazz as a result.


See you next Monday for another update.

June 26, 2011