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Rodger Montgomery SATURDAY NIGHT BLUES!!!
Saturday, January 24, 6:00PM to 9:00PM
Location: Anchor In (downstairs) at Oasis Pub, 3122 West Lake Road, Erie PA

Blues legend Rodger Montgomery returns for his Spring Season Anchor In performance this Saturday, playing classic Blues standards, eclectic finds and originals. Rodger is the man with the tunes, literally knowing and performing hundreds of tunes. Each performance is bound to be different! See this evening's unique sets as you enjoy the great food, service and company at the Anchor In.

814-833-1212 for reservations

No cover, no smoking

Rodger MontgomeryNothing but the blues....Rodger Montgomery hits the stage and that's what you get. Sweating, shouting bending a guitar string until it cries, then jumping on a dance tune whipping a packed bar into a frenzy. Montgomery knows the blues...hard times, hard work, no money...good times, big legged women and bottles of beer....man he doesn't just know them, he lives them!

Traveling the big road for more than 30 years, he's seen a lot and has stories to tell, surviving on the mean streets as a kid, landing his first gig with the fine R& B Band "Reality" touring the chitlin circuit, some nights the joints so rough that the band played in a cage. Warming up for B.B. King telling him to keep after it. Escaping the ghetto, working hard, getting married, getting divorced, getting married again, playing Blues guitars in redneck bars and learning to get any crowd going on a Saturday night.

But wait a minute...life is hard but so what? That's not Montgomery's story. Don't see him if you want to cry, go see him if you want to feel good. Forget your job, your boss, your big tax, your little paycheck, get his blues and have fun. You've got to smile when you hear him nail Freddie's "Sen-Sa-Shun." You've got to laugh when he sings, "I ain't drunk, I'm just drinkin," pushing through the crowd climbing on the bar ripping licks out of his guitar all the time the fans go wild. No wonder Johnny Clyde Copeland, Big Jack Johnson, John Brim, Lonnie Shields and Otis Rush asked him to go on the road.

High energy rockers...slow burners...the feel of Otis Rush groaning the blues and T_Bone swingin them...the classics of Texas and Chicago mixed with Montgomery's own bag...straight from the heart: stories of his life. Slide up next to someone you love, get yourself a bottle of beer and settle in, 'cause Rodger's got stories to tell...listen up and like it....the blues, the whole blues and nothin' but the blues ...Rodger Montgomery

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