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Improvisation in Music & Dance

The Anchor In, 2014 -- 15

MCG 2014-15 Concert Season

 2014-2015 Concert Season

Jazz For Young Ears

Allegheny Jazz Fest in Cleveland, OH

Fri., Oct. 17 -- 8 p.m.

SoMar Dance WorksWalker Recital Hall, Mercyhurst University, 501 East 38th St, Erie, PA

An innovative adventure in sound and dance which will bring together improvised jazz music from the Allen Zurcher Quartet with improvised dance by students from the SoMar Dance Works, who are also students at Mercyhurst University's Dance Department. Should be fun!

Improvisation in Music.

  1. Spontaneous, in-the-moment improvisation is an integral aspect of jazz music.  While found in many other musical genres, improvisation is a core characteristic in the art of jazz. From the earliest days of Dixieland group improvisation to the breathtaking flights of individual solo performances in the ensuing years, as well as the sometimes under appreciated improvised supporting performances by rhythm section and other accompanists, the skill of finding ways to make meaningful, expressive music on the spot is a crucial element that makes jazz what it is.

Peterson, Blaetz, Zurcher, FergusonMembers of the Allen Zurcher Quartet are:

  •    Zurcher -- saxophones and flute
  •    Sheldon Peterson -- guitar
  •    David Blaetz -- bass
  •    Matt Ferguson -- drums
In-School Jazz Clinics in Erie

Dr. Allen Zurcher, Mr. TeCulver and Dr. Scott MeierThis Spring, JazzErie Education Committee members Dr. Scott Meier and Dr. Allen Zurcher  again conducted a series of in-school Workshops for elementary and middle school students in the Erie Area.  Sponsored by JazzErie and Gannon University's Schuster Foundation, the workshops represent part of JazzErie's efforts to expose area students to the excitement and joy of jazz music.

At a Workshop at Harding Elementary School on May 16, I observed a terrific presentation by Dr.'s Meier and Zurcher to two enthusiastic of students in the Music Room at Harding Elementary School in Erie, hosted by Harding music teacher Dennis TeCulver. and got some very encouraging news from TeCulver.

Interactive show.

The program began with a brief discussion and video on origins and history of jazz.  Then the really fun part, a quick tutorial on how saxophones work, including a chance for the students to get a close-up look, and to touch and heft a soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone. (It was universally agreed that the baritone was REALLY heavy, and the kids loved putting their arm up its bell, in spite of Scott's warning about the squirrel inside.)

Highlight of the Workshop was a live demo of improvising by the two musicians.  First using a structure of simple, familiar tunes, then moving on to a free musical "conversation" using music not words, Allen and Scott played and the kids got it.  Lots of questions from the kids.


Frank SingerThe Anchor In, 3120 W. Lake Rd., is resuming its presentation of live music for 2014-15.  Friday evenings will feature jazz from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m., with guitarist Frank Singer serving as the house band, paired with a variety of high-profile guests.  Saturday evenings will feature area pop and blues stars, also from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. 

Drinks and dinner service, NO COVER.  Free parking behind to club.  Check our EVENTS CALENDER for detailed descriptions .of events and artists

Lineups for Sept., Oct. and Nov. will include: 

Fri., Sept. 19  JD Jazz& Blues: Frank Singer with drummer, vocalist & harmonica player Jooe Dorris
Sat., Sept. 20  2Blue: guitarists & vocalists Michael Camp & Dave VanAmburg
Bruce Johnstone
Fri., Sept. 26  Frank Singer and baritone sax virtuoso Bruce Johnstone.
Sat., Sept. 27  Bluesman Rodger Montgomery.
Rodger Montgomery
Fri., Oct. 3   Frank Singer with trumpeter Jeff Gibbens.

Fri., Oct. 10  Frank Singer with pianist Jim Madden
Sat., Oct. 11  The Four Grads: Stan Bialomizy, Carl Hultman, Barb Schwartz, Bob Seaman.

JD Jazz: Joe Dorris & Frank SingerFri., Oct. 17  JD Jazz

Sat., Oct. 18  2Blue: Michael Camp & Dave VanAmburg

Fri., Oct. 24  Frank Singer with saxophonist Stan Bialomizy.

Fri., Oct. 31  Frank Singer with bassist Steve Trohoske.


Next Generation 2014

Student vocalist Leah Mathie, with the Misery Bay Big Band, sings "Over the Rainbow." at JazzErie's Next Generation concert, May 21, 2014.  The concert was held at Gen. McLane High School in Edinboro and attended by over 200 students, family members, school staff, JazzErie members and jazz fans.