Exploring the Border, Sat., Feb. 7, 8 p.m. at the Erie Art Museum

The Anchor In, 2014 -- 15

MIAC 2014-2015 Concert Season

51 Years on the Job, Bill Fairgraves retires.

MCG Jazz 2014-2015 Season

Hampton Hawes, a Review by Jim Cuneo

Words & Music at the Erie Art Museum, Sat., Feb. 7, 8 p.m.

Mikel PresterSat., Feb. 7 at 8:00 p.m. at the Erie Art Museum, 5th St. entrance, between State St. and French St..  General Admission $10, $5 for JazzErie members, $5 for students.

A warm event for a cold winter evening, joining original words by Erie area poets with music created for the event by Erie area jazz musicians, and performed at the Erie Art Museum, where you can enjoy current exhibits.     

Co-sponsored by JazzErie and the Erie Art Museum.

Poets Monica Ingras, Chuck Joy, Kim Noyes and Ellis CrockettChuck Joy, poet, JazzErie Board member and co-director of this project says:

"Our show should interest a wide audience, those who like to hear and groove and imagine, from healthcare workers to college professors and other deep thinkers.

"This is another in a series of collaborations that highlight the JazzErie season, which began with 'Jazz & Dance.'  Our show, 'Exploring The Border,' considers the border between not only lyrics and poetry lines, but words and music all together.

"Lines spoken, lines sung, music with words, music without words, the human voice, the horn's voice, rhythm from drums. and rhythm from the tongue. Words and music, nestled together along a long border, sometimes across water where the shine of lights from the other side illuminates the future."
Monica Ingras and Tito Ronzitti 


Kim Noyes
Ellis Crockett
Monica Igras
Chuck Joy

Mikel Prester, saxophones, Native American flute
James Cuneo, keyboards 

Nick "Tito" Ronzitti, drums & percussion
Dick Thompson, upright bass

Come hear local artists share their ideas!!..



3122 W. Lake Rd., 6-9 p.m. Fri.&Sat. Evenings

The Anchor In, 3120 W. Lake Rd., has resumed its presentation of live music for 2014-15.  Friday evenings feature jazz from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m., with guitarist Frank Singer serving as the house band, paired with a variety of high-profile guests.  Saturday evenings feature area pop and blues stars, also from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Drinks and dinner service, NO COVER.  Free parking behind to club.  No smoking.  Call 814/833-1212 for reservations.


Check our EVENTS CALENDER for detailed descriptions .of events and artists

Stan BialomizyFri., Jan. 30  Frank Singer & Stan Bialomizy
Jazz sax legend Stan Bialomizy returns for his Spring(!) performance as Frank Singer’s special guest this week at the Anchor In.  Frank and Stan will perform jazz and Latin standards from 6 – 9 p.m. in this no-smoking space with great food, service and company.

Stan’s interjections of stories, jokes and wordplay are legendary, always keeping the music and the performance fresh and spontaneous.  If we’re lucky, he will circulate between sets telling personalized jokes as he goes.  There’s no cover, so come on down and enjoy the great music and eats.
The Four Grads: Stan Bialomizy, Bob Seamans, Barb Schwartz & Carl Hultman.
Sat., Jab 31  The Four Grads
The Four Grads return to the Anchor In this Saturday, singing their way into Spring.  Their four-part vocal harmonizations of various styles includes blues, jazz, pop and Western swing as well as the music of the Four Freshmen, the Beach Boys, Manhatten Transfer and the Beatles.  Each member also doubles as an instrumentalist, bringing the guitar, saxophone, bass, banjo and percussion into the mix for an evening of fun and entertainment.  The Four Grads feature Carl Hultman, Stan Bialomizy, Barb Schwartz and Bob Seaman.


Local 17 AFM Executive Retires

William Fairgraves is stepping down as executive of Local 17, American Federation of Musicians, the Erie Chapter of the AF of M, after 51 years of service.  That might be two careers for many people, and came in addition to his career as a working musician during that period.

Bill Fairgraves in Japan, 1956This photo shows Fairgraves early in his career, while stationed in Japan as a member of an Army band there in1956.  Like many veterans of service bands, he enthusiastically recalls those days as a great learning experience, working with many talented, experienced musicians.

Local 17 AF of M Board todayThe photo below shows Fairgraves today, with Union Board members, at the the Union office in the Masonic Building in downtown Erie.  Fairgraves in center of photo; Allen Zurcher, new Secretary/Treasurer, third from left.

Fairgraves has held a number of titles during his tenure with the Union, first Secretary, then Secretary/Treasurer and finally President/Secretary/Treasurer.  But he says the tasks have been pretty much the same: filling core staff functions of managing membership records and recruitment, setting up an accounting system and managing the Union's finances, participating in negotiations on behalf of Erie orchestra and concert musicians, in earlier days negotiating with venues on behalf of musicians, monitoring contracts between musicians and their employers.






Miles Davis Quintet 1967

Thanks to Basil Ronzitti for leading us to this treasure.  We've read about the creative things happening in this great MD Quintet as they worked their way through a tour of Europe.  Think of a rhythm section composed of a very young Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and an even younger Tony Williams, a band finding ways to bend form to fit artistic intent, fronted by the open ears and open-to-new-ideas minds of a young Wayne Shorter and Miles, each with plenty of ideas of their own.  Here's a sample from YouTube: Miles Davis Quintet - Agitation - 31-Oct-67 (1 of 4).

A clear inspiration to Wayne Shorter's great current quartet, whose members also seem to read each others' minds at will