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Did You Love The Jazz FM Party?

Jazz FM threw a great party at the Docksider Friday evening, November 11. Is What It Is, The B Band, and Ron Yarosz & the Vehicle all played and the crowd kept pouring in. Everyone had a great time. We hope you made it! (Sorry, Steve Trohoske, our photo of Is What It Is didn't come out, but you were great.)

The B Band at the Docksider

The B Band with more musicians sitting in than you could count. Here's a few: Phil Papotnik, Sam Seggi, Jim Madden, Vinnie Stefanelli, Frank Singer, Joe Dorris, Julie Hamilton, Amy Begue-Shallenberger. Send us more names, please.

Joe Dorris at the Docksider

Joe Dorris with vocalist Amy Begue-Shallenberger.

JazzFM Party at the Docksider 11-11-11

A few of the hundreds of people there. And yes, you could hear yourself think despite the audience size and music.

Ron Yarosz and The Vehicle at the Docksider

Ron Yarosz and the Vehicle closed out the night.

Jeff Gault, Joe Doris & Sandy Kosiorek at the Docksider.

Jeff Gault and Sandy Kosiorek had front row seats. Joe Dorris was everywhere.

November 17, 2011