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No More Bosco's Jazz Jam
Meadville Live Music Venue Closed

Dan HallettThe weekly jazz jam at Bosco’s Restaurant in Meadville ended on Tuesday, Nov.29.  Owner Gary Bosco cited ASCAP fines and license rates as the reason for no longer being able to host live music at the venue, which had offered a weekly program of jazz, country and rock to patrons.

Thanks to Dan Hallett

Dan Hallett, who had shepherded the Bosco’s jazz jam through almost four years of weekly sessions, says “I’m going to take a break,” when asked if he will search for a new venue.  The occasional “Cootie Harris Jazz Jams” at the Meadville Center for the Arts will continue.  (See Nov. 2008 News Notes.)  Few if any, clubs in Meadville currently have live music, though there are periodic concerts during the summer sponsored by the Meadville Public Library, and special events downtown, at the Meadville Mall and at Allegheny College which occasionally present jazz.

Great Players Participated

Dave PerryBosco’s jam musicians have included Hallett – keyboards, Joe Frisina and Sheldon Peterson – guitar, Sean Damico – electric bass, Dave Perry (pictured to the right), George Stavile, Tim Driscoll and Matt Burchfield – drums, Dave Callaghan and Vaughn MacGregor – saxophones, Dick Thompson and Bob Seamon – upright bass,  Walter Azagba – trumpet, Billy Simon and Matt Burchfield, harmonica, and others.

December 6, 2011