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Coming to Nighttown in September

In more amazing news, Avant Garde sitar virtuoso Puss 'N Boots and country saxophone legend Boots Randolph will share the stage for Sunday Brunch at Nighttown in Cleveland, OH on Sept. 14,
Mostly Moose.

Boots' band will include Rocky and Bullwinkle on trumpet and drums respectively, along with Daffy and Bugs playing bass and piano respectively.  Moose and squirrel just got back from a nine month stint as members of the show band on the newest Carnival Cruise Line ship "Pride of the Titanic" last week.  They've been recuperating in Frostbite Falls before hooking up with Boots in Cleveland the day before the gig.


Boots and Natasha Bedinov were originally invited to do the gig with Puss but she had a previous commitment performing with Moscow Opera Company's presentation of Mussorgsky's Boris Godinov.

Boots Randolph expressed concern about sharing the stage with Puss until he heard his cover of "Yackety Sax" from Puss' latest release, The Best of Benny Hill.

Randolph said, "That cat can play."


Tensions between Rocky, Bullwinkle and Bedinov's have eased significantly since the end of the Cold War in 1990, which made this collaboration possible.

by Allen Zurcher
March 27, 2014