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12-Year Old Jazz Musician

A very new, very bright light on the International Jazz Scene, 12-year-old Joey Alexander exhibits unbelievable chops, breadth of concept, time and knowledge of jazz..  And he plays well with others.  Take in this concert recording from a couple of years ago which begins with Monk and moves around among striide, Garner''ish segments and whatever else comes into his young mind.

Grammy Award nominee for Best Jazz Instrumental Album and Best Jazz Solo, Downbeat Best new Artist, and more

Born in Bali in 2003, Joey began playing piano at age 6.  Mostly self-taught, from listening to his dad's record collection, he picked up skills and concepts at a phenomenal rate, soon played in sessions with mature musicians from Bali and Jakarta.

Known throughout Bali, UNESCO invited Joey to play for Herbie Hancock at age 8.  Hancock responded enthusiastically and encouraged the budding musician.  At 10 he was featured in festivals in Jakarta and Copenhagen (clips on YouTube) and the word spread.  In 2014, Alexander peerformed at Lincoln Center with Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, as well as with a trio in the Rose Room (morre clips).,,He released a debut CD in May, 2015, which opened a door to the public to encounter his talent.  Then Newport, the Today Show -- everybody wants him for their festival.

He's an absolutely phenomenal musician -- in conception, time, technique, jazz knowledge (already).  Far, far, far from a one-tune wonder.  Check out performances on YouTube.

October 14, 2015