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Sonny Stitt & Dizzy Gillespie
On The Sunny Side of the Street

This weeks video features two giants of the bebop world, Dizzy Gilespie and Sonny Stitt.  They are playing the great standard Sunny Side of the Street.  It is a tasteful and creative interpretation that displays both there musicality and technique.

You won't get through the video without seeing there playful personalities come through.  The musicians on this video include the great Ray Brown on bass, Lou Levy on piano, and Gus Johnson on drums. This is including a joint singing effort at the end!  Dizzy and Sonny Stitt, with the addition of Sonny Rollins, recorded Sonny Side of the Street on the classic album "Sunny Side Up". If you are not familiar with the album it is worth a listen. 

Enjoy this weeks video!


April 1, 2015