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This Week's Video: Solitaire Miles, Don Rebic John Heugel & James Abate

My favorite event of the year, the Erie Art Museum's Jazz & Blues Festival, is just around the corner. In its honor, we found an old video of vocalist Solitaire Miles with Don Rebic on piano, engineer and photographer John Huegel on bass and James Abate on drums at 1998 Erie Jazz & Blues Festival.

Solitaire has traveled between Chicago and Erie. Don retired from many years as a music director on Broadway to return to music studies at SUNY Fredonia. He's the kind of music teacher any kid would dream of having I could never hear enough of John's bass, and haven't had the pleasure in a long time.

Here Solitaire Miles and Don Rebic  perform You Let Me Down.

Here Solitaire sings Autumn Leaves and Lush Life



July 26, 2011