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This Week's Video: Vinny Stefanelli Plays Coltrane's Naima

You may know Vinny Stefanelli  from his work with WMCE, Jazz-FM. Since his return from the computer game inudstry in San Fransisco, he has helped many musicians and artists pursue their goals.

But unless you study guitar with him  or have a good memory, you may have never heard Vinny Stefanelli play music. Here  he plays a beautiful rendition of John Coltrane's Naima.

I loved Vinny's short film on Woodstock - all the more because I got married that weekend rather than going. I'm not sure my sister has totally forgiven me yet for causing her to miss it.


If you are a guitarist, you might appreciate Vinny's series for Guitar Salon International. Here's the first.



July 26, 2011