Music & Events

North East, PA, Sat. March 14, 7:30 p.m.

Exploring the Border Cast
JazzErie's Exploring The Border, a show combining poetry and jazz, will be performed at the North East Cultural Center Auditorium, 25 Vine St. in North East.  The show will begin at 7:30 p.m. The auditorium is on the second floor but there is an elevator. Parking is available. Use the rear entrance.

Suggested donation: $10. $8 for JazzErie members, North East Arts Council members and North East Community Players. $5 for students.

This project is sponsored by JazzErie, the North East Cultural Center and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

In the words of Chuck Joy, a participating poet and program organizer,

"Lines spoken, lines sung, music with words, music without words, the human voice, the horn's voice, rhythm from drums. and rhythm from the tongue. Words and music,
nestled together along a long border, sometimes across water where the shine of lights from the other side illuminates the future."
Original Material

Poems are all originals, delivered by the authors themselves.  Music includes two original numbers by saxophonist Mikel Prester, plus improvised backgrounds and arrangements supporting some of the poetry.

Poets & Musicians:

Kim Noyes -- poet & harmonica
Ellis Crockett -- poet & vocal
Monica Igras -- poet
Chuck Joy -- poet & announcer

James Cuneo, keyboards
Mikel Prester, saxophones, Native American flute
Nick "Tito" Ronzitti, drums & percussion
Dick Thompson, upright bass

Fresh From A Successful Performance

The artists are fresh from a performance before an enthusiastic audience at the Erie Art Museum in February. They have been developing the material in a series of creative rehearsals over the last few months, gathering at keyboardist Jimmy Cuneo's home studio in Ripley, NY, with Jimmy's wife Lori hosting the gatherings.

"Everyone contributes ideas.  It's a very fast-moving, creative bunch.  We all have to listen hard to keep up, because something different always happens. That's part of the fun," says band member bassist Dick Thompson.
Monica Igras, Chuck Joy, Kim Noyes & Ellis CrockettThe Poets.

Well received in the Tri-State area. First heard at the Erie Book Store.  Author Life Is Good (Poets' Hall Press).Kim Noyes, poet, harmonica.

The first Community Poet Laureate.  Guest poet at East High School. Live at the Jive, Poetry Scene the Magazine, on stage in Pure Doctor (PACA).  .Snowetry, Sessions at Sojourner's Expressions.  Springtopia (Gannon University).  The poet they always call back, Monica Igras.

Contributor to Urban Treehouse. Author of Woody Shaw (JazzErie News Notes).  M.I In Love With Her? (Poets' Hall).  Establishing dual citizenship, Ellis Crockett, poet/singer.

Born in Cleveland, author of All Smooth (Destitute Press).  Great Lakes Review.  Guest.Director, Dreamville (Erie Art Museum, All Aboard (Erie Playhouse).  Host: :Poetry Scene, guest host Poets' Hall.  Chuck Joy, poet, co-director of this show.

Jimmy CuneoMikel PresterThe Musicians.

From Crawford County, Mikel Prester plays alto saxophone, Native American flute.  University of the arts in Philadelphia ('96), time spent on the jazz and free jazz scene and teaching . in Philadelphia and Brooklyn.  Armitan Hand.

From New York, Chautauqua County, Jimmy Cuneo, keyboards.  Blues Beaters, solo work, Showcase.

On percussion, Tito Ronzitti.  Long time teacher, performer in Erie, PA.  Cats A Bear.

On bass, playing with poets from 91.3 WQLN-FM to Elk Creek Township Historical Society.  Dick Thompson, co-director.



February 16, 2015