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Mon., August 31, 7 p.m., Erie Art Museum

Louis and Francois MoutinJazzErie's 2015-2016 Season begins with a great young French band, The MOUTIN FACTORY QUINTET.  The concert will be at the Erie Art Museum's preformance hall, 5th Street entrance.  Doors open at 6 p.m., show begins at 7 p.m.  Tickets for JazzErie members $10, non-members $15, students $5

"The Parisian powerhouse of brothers Francoise and Louis Moutin Quartet (now Quintet - ed.).has quickly established itself as one of the most creative new bands of the decade -- Jennifer Odell, Downbeat, Nov. 2010.

"Many things -- besides the exciting, inventive way they combine 'straight-ahead' and 'neo-fusion' -- make the Moutin Reunion Quartet a distinctive ensemble" -- Bob Protzman, Erie.

"This powerful group should always be on everyone's [riority list whenever they are in town" -- Gilles Lahuerte, Jazz Improv.


The band's home is Paris, France.  They have been touring Europa dn the States to rave reviews.  The will present work from their new album "Lucky People," their sixth album. Following is a sampler.  Led by brothers Francois Moutin - upright bass, and Louis Moutin - drums, the group includes Manu Codgia - guitar, Thomas Enhco - piano and Christophe Menniot - alto & soprano saxophones.

Appearances and Recordings.

Versions of Moutin brothers' bands, notably the Moutin Reunion Quartet and now the Moutin Factory Quintet, have toured extensively in Europe, including Paris and Toulouse in France, Vienna Austria, Esslinger and other cities in Germany and many more.  In North America, Moutin bands have performed in New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta Montreal, Canada, New Orleans, Cleveland and more.

In 2010, the All About Jazz reviewer John Kellman wrote: "The vibrant Moutin Reunion Quartet has delivered fiery album after fiery album since its 2002 debut, and continues on an upward trajectory."  The group now has six records on its discography, the most recent titled "Lucky People" (2013).  They can be expected to play selections from that project as well as newer creations in their concert in Erie.


July 29, 2015