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Message to JazzErie members

Hello JazzErie members, friends and family.  All of us here at JazzErie want to thank you for your patience as we are going through a transition period that began with new officer elections.  These elections have resulted in a new group of jazz enthusiasts who not only love jazz but are very active in the jazz community here in Erie! 

President – Mark Dressler

Vice President/Publicity – Brittany Barko

Treasurer – Allen Zurcher

Secretary – Bethany Dressler

Performance Committee – Michael Hibbler

Membership – Chris VonVolkenburg

We are all passionate about enriching our community with the great jazz art form and culture.  As we take on the challenge of continuing the legacy of JazzErie, we will also be reinventing along the way with a focus on expanding our reach to more audiences!  We are in the process of some great stuff so stay tuned to our webpage for updates and future concerts. 

Your friend in jazz!

Mark Dressler

September 10, 2018