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Urban Tree House
Saturday, August 24, 2013
Sat., August 24 - 9:00 pm - FREE - byob

treePoets' Hall, 1136 East Lake Rd., Erie


"There's no charge for it.  We'd like it to be a free environment -- free of charge but also free in spirit," says Marchawn Lyons, organizer of the event.


A brainchild of Marchawn and his cousin, Sean Lyons, the Urban Tree House was conceived as a pathway for young artists.  "We wanted to merge amateur and already established artists, provide an outlet for creativity, gain participation by younger local talent, provide entertainment, have a good time."

Nova Free Jazz -- Tito Ronzitti & Rob SchlaudeckerThe event was held in 2009 and 2010, but skipped a couple of years.  Now its back!"


Though still being developed, the program will feature visual art, a comic, music by "Nova Free Jazz Trio" and "Lower East Side Connection," a young hip-hop band, poetry both with and without music, by Chuck Joy and others.


poet Chuck JoyWho is Marchawn Lyons?

Marchawn and his wife, Tracy, will both be participating in the show.  She's a graphic artist as well as Director of Alumni Services at Gannon University.  Marchawn is a Group Home Supervisor at Lakeshore Community Services and also works with Petersons Cleaning Co

Marchawn was raised in Erie, remaining here with his family and sibs when parents moved to Joliet, IL.

Have fun.

Bring your own beverage.  Come and enjoy this showcase for young and old artists at Poets' Hall.





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