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Starting Our Week With Humor
Finding the Funnies in Music

Mr. P.C.'s Guide to Jazz Etiquette and Bandstand DecorumHow do can the humorless compete in stand-up comedy?

Probably the same way the tone deaf compete in a singing recital. I love good jokes, but have a hole at the bottom of my brain where they leak out unless I try real hard to hang on to them. I'm happy to talk in front of 10,000 people, but sure have to work hard at getting a belly laugh out of a crowd.

So I really appreciate the musician whose brain is twisted just right, so that they see humor in everything, and it just flows out of their mouths, like Miles Davis' notes in All Blues.

So I thought we'd begin our Musicians' Corner kabitz with an ode to humor.

Have you run into Mr. P.C.'s Guide to Jazz Etiquette and Bandstand Decorum yet? The product of the fertile mind of --, it's the Dear Abby of the ear-attuned set. Mr. P.C. answers questions with aplomb, questions such as:

Dear Mr. P.C.:  People say that when you see a panhandler at the end of a freeway offramp, you shouldn’t give him money.  How is that different from a jazz musician with a tip jar?

You can find it at All About Jazz, but I think the Facebook version is much more fun because of the dozens of comments it gathers, like a Swiffer mop across my kitchen floor.

Mr. P.C. welcomes your submissions (questions on how to behave under the most unusual and/or traumatizing jazz-related circumstances) at  Anonymity available upon request.

June 27, 2011