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Clips from Anchor In and Urraro'a.

Tim ClarkeTim Clarke, trumpet, and Frank Singer, guitar, at the Anchor In on Aug. 30, 2013.

  How many jazz musicians do you know who make a living composing music for ads and video games?  Add Tim Clarke to your list.  Tim was recently brought to Erie jazz fans' attention in a concert at Romolo Chocolates with master baritone saxophonist Bruce Johnstone.  

Brass players are often known for displaying a certain amount of, er, bravura.  This Buffalo-based trumpeter instead adopts an easy, almost matter of fact command of his instrument.  Someone who doesn't need to raise his voice because his knowledge of what he's doing is obviously thorough.

And Frank, whose command of his own instrument is unquestioned, obviously enjoys playing with this peer.  No worries about "where are we?" or "what did that mean?" in this duo.  A Pleasure.

A cautionary note: The next few samples feature bass players.  If your computer is like my laptop, with its dinky little speaker, you won't even hear the bass. Mostly you'll get crowd noise. You need good headphones or an enhanced speaker system on your computer to make sense of these clips.  The sound is there, in the electronics of your computer, but the speaker won't let it out!

Get headphones.  Enjoy the universe of great music online!

Harry JacobsonHarry Jacobson, double bass, and Frank Singer, guitar, at the Anchor In on Sept. 30, 2013.


Harry is also well known in Erie, as a member of the Erie Phil, a member of the Colony Pub Trio, performing every Thursday at the Colony Pub & Grille, and as a frequent sideman in Erie jazz groups.  Harry also showcased his instrument in "The History of the Bass in Jazz," a special JazzErie performance a few years ago.

His eager approach, strong chops and great heart are evident his this performance of Wayne Shorter's "Footprints."

Frank is a monster in his technique, mastery of a range of musical styles and harmonic knowledge.  Erie is the beneficiary of his musical influence as he has become an ever more supportive voice in myriad musical assemblages over the years.  He's the keystone of the Anchor In' musical offerings.  

Add Joe Dorris.

Joe Dorris, also a multi-instrumentalist who plays harmonica on the following clip, is the instigator and chief promoter of the Anchor In engagement.  A favor we need to return by patronizing the place as much as we can.

Steve Trohoske Trio, Urarro Gallery, Sept. 27, 2013

Another great jazz venue in Erie, the Urraro Art Gallery at 135 W. 14th St., just west of the BrewErie, provides a live setting for live jazz.  The Gallery joined the elite list of venues on JazzErie's 2013 Jazz Walk in July.

Featured at a reception on Sept. 27 was the Steve Trohoske Trio, composed of Dan Hallett III - keyboards, Trohoske -- electric bass and Brad Amidon - drums.  Steve's oceanic breadth of concept, Dan's intensity and drive and Brad big ears, swing and synthesizing focus integrate this mature group of musicians.

The two clips here illustrate the band's originality and swing.  Enjoy their take on "Recordame" and "Senor Blues."

by Dick Thompson       


October 4, 2013