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A Fourth Dimension (JazzErie Edit)`
Poetry by Chuck Joy

I like to visit every chance I get
like now, these lines, I lose myself

a fourth dimension
the astral plane? perhaps that’s what he meant
Pharoah SandersPharoah Sanders by his title, The Astral Plane
music goes there too, a fourth dimension

a Rainbow Gardens
wide wooden ballroom
rowed with tables, under tablecloths set with flowers
a dancefloor, crowded with couples
everybody moving it, some with their arms around each other
the stage, a deep stage, raised to the level of their bouncy shoulders
a poet, at a microphone
standing close to the edge, mouthing his words
everybody dancing to the poetry

and love, love takes us to a fourth dimension
the tenderness, that wonderful sadness, (thump thump) heart
a child, sent off to the cornerstore
an adult, pausing a long time over a text message
smitten, fallen into a pair of eyes, intent, ardent
feeling that stirring in the loins

thank you for visiting
a fourth dimension

by Chuck Joy
June 25, 2012