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Nobody's Funeral

Chuck Joy

I'm almost positive
it doesn't matter much
no matter what you think you'll do about it
you're out of luck

you can take all of your money
and you can give it to me honey
or you can put it in a box
with all your broken hearts
and lots of rocks
and drive down to the bay and park
and drop it off the dock

you can do that if you want to
or you can stay at home alone
and call me on the telephone  
the gray one on the table by the bed
I won't hang up
I like to listen to your stories about Canada

I like to listen to you period.
Your voice it’s music
Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morissette, or better yet
a window open by the ocean and we're on vacation
let's get dressed . . .

sometimes I read about people as lucky as us
and I know it's not true
there's only one of me and you

so you can take any or all of it
do what you need to do
I've hit the jackpot
cash me out
I'm staying here with you     

January 18, 2015