Reviews & Opinions

by Gary Finney

Gary FinneyFour dear, old friends get together for one of their irregularly scheduled conversations. They’ve known each other for, well, seemingly longer than they can recall. As such, they converse in a way that far surpasses a conversation between acquaintances or casual friends. There is nothing that they can’t or won’t say to one another. But it is always done with utmost respect, for they are dear, old friends.

As with any conversation, sometimes only one of them speaks, while the others listen with rapt attention. Sometimes two of them converse, while the other two interject phrases of encouragement, astonishment or agreement. And when the conversation gets most lively, all four are talking at once, with ideas and thoughts rushing from them in the excitement of the moment. And even then, there is a logical progression to their expressed thoughts that takes on a level of sheer beauty.

But the voice with which these four dear friends speak is through their musical instruments. And it is rapturous!

Perhaps another, more poetic appraisal will be helpful. If you could “HEAR” Jackson Pollock paint, it would sound like the Wayne Shorter Quartet.
Wayne Shorter QuartetWayne Shorter

December 27, 2013