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an unreliable narrator

that’s what we have here

this poetry voice can say anything

so long as it’s graceful

and fits in line and stanza


all I do is write

my wife takes care of me

we still have money from my parents

every day I stay at home

sometimes I walk around the neighborhood

imagining lines, polishing the lines in my mind

then laying ‘em down, recording the lines in a notebook


at night we ride downtown

often to McCoy’s, a jazz club

we join our friends at a table near the stage

drinking whiskey sours, rum-and-diet

one drink can last an hour

the boys in the band like calling me up

I always say yes, I love being guest poet


the world is a peaceful place

like a community garden, everybody pulling together

we take care of each other, our children the flowers


ignorance a thing of the past

all creatures brothers and sisters

curious over every little difference

the colorful details that occupy our hands

between the pain of birth and the big transition

Chuck Joy
June 8, 2013